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[x] You're very innocent
[x] No matter how much someone bothers you, you'll never hate them
[x] You love sweets
[ ] Tomatoes are your favorite food
[x] People often say you're cute
[x] You're clumsy
[/] You smile a lot
[x] You love helping others
Total: 6 1/2

Meta Knight:
[x] You're quiet
[x] Some people don't know much about you
[/] You're very serious
[ ] People never know whether you're trying to be nice or rude to them
[ ] You wear dark clothes a lot
[ ] You love dark purple and/or yellow
[x] You like to be alone
[x] You show lots of respect for others
Total: 4 1/2

[ ] Sometimes you're nice, sometimes you're rude
[ ] You tend to act selfish
[ ] You tend to act before you think
[ ] You love any kind of food
[ ] You're mischievous
[x] You love the color red
[ ] You expect people to give you whatever you want
[ ] When someone disappoints you, you get angry at them
Total: 1

[x] You're very clever
[ ] You're short-tempered
[x] You love learning things
[x] You love teaching people
[ ] You wear your hair in a ponytail
[x] You care about the environment
[x] You hate it when people try to ruin the environment
[ ] You act like a sibling to your close friends
Total: 5

[ ] You act tough
[ ] You don't act serious much
[ ] You don't take many things seriously
[x] You love playing games
[ ] You like to prank other people
[x] You have a good heart
[ ] You have straight/shaggy hair
[ ] Your hair covers your eye
Total: 2

[ ] You're usually grumpy
[ ] You can be nice sometimes
[ ] You act very mature
[x] Young children annoy you
[x] You get scared easily
[x] You care about people even if they mistreat you
[x] You love your mother very much
[ ] You're very interested in botany, chemistry, or electronics
Total:  4

[/] When planning something, you try your best to make it perfect
[ ] You seem nice at first, but then you're very harsh
[ ] Someone has called you a yandere
[ ] You like wearing hats
[x] You act crazy without realizing it
[ ] You scream very loud/high pitched
[ ] You think your desires are more important than others
[ ] You're very witty
Total: 1 1/2

I'm Kirby :3
tigerrainbow12345 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
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